Introducing our Guarantee

MyRentr Guarantee offers the most comprehensive rental guarantee solution for private landlords. Why should you worry about late, partial or non-payment when you have other obligations such as paying your bond on time? MyRentr’s purpose is to make private landlords lives as simple as possible and help them enjoy the renting journey.

With renting out your property comes a lot of risks and once these risks are eliminated property management becomes easy and could be quite fun! We remove the risk of late or non-payments, legal fees, time-consuming tenant evictions and property damages so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you. Imaging renting out your property without having to worry about these things. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Let’s eliminated the risks and get to awesome!

Rental Collection

Late or partial rent payments shouldn’t be your concern! With MyRentr Guarantee you are guaranteed to receive your rent on time, every time.

Your tenant pays the rent directly into our bank account and an automated monthly payment will be made to you so that your rent is paid in on the 1st of every month, regardless of whether your tenant paid us or not.

MyRentr app on both Android and iOS

Rental Income Protection

One of the biggest concerns when buying-to-let is the risk that you will end up with non-paying tenants. With MyRentr Guarantee we help you grow your investment portfolio as we believe that collecting rent shouldn’t be your concern.

We secure your rent for up to four months while we evict the defaulting tenants from your property. Paying your bond shouldn’t be something that keeps you up at night.

MyRentr app on both Android and iOS

Tenant Evictions

Evicting a bad tenant can be an intimidating and overwhelming process, packed with high unexpected fees and time-consuming legalities.

MyRentr partnered with SSLR Inc. who provides superior legal services and advice to the property industry. Their specialized lawyers will evict your tenant when necessary, so that you don’t have to deal with the messy stuff! And best of all, MyRentr pays for this.

MyRentr app on both Android and iOS

Property damage cover

Unfortunately you don’t always know if you can trust the tenant to look after your property. Tenant screenings, credit checks and a few check-list-questions don’t really tell you anything about the character and integrity of the people renting from you.

MyRentr Guarantee covers you for property damages to the value of up to two month’s rental income. We’re just trying to make every aspect of renting out your property risk-free and simple.

MyRentr app on both Android and iOS

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