The concept of MyRentr was born mid-2016 and after months of research, advisor sessions and building up courage we launched the first feature of MyRentr on 1 February 2017.

What a journey it has been so far! Let me share with you where it all started.

We all know landlords and tenants who have bad stories to share about their renting experience… Landlords telling horror stories about non-payments, filthy houses and damages you can’t even begin to imagine. When you flip the page you’ve got a good tenant with similar stories to tell about maintenance issues that never gets resolved, deposits that got lost and sad stories about uncooperative and difficult landlords. My folks had a story of their own to tell about their tenants (whom escaped overnight!) that ended with more than R30 000 of unforeseen property damages.

My folks asked me to get involved and help sort out these challenges and headaches. When I started doing research I noticed that it is a huge hassle to get all the right tools and solutions to rent out one’s property privately. Needless to say I wasn’t very successful in assisting them then, but that changed and now we (MyRentr) are able to prevent, protect and cover my folks (and any other private landlord out there) from ever telling horror renting stories again.

So this is where we are today – preventing and fixing renting problems with accessible and simple solutions. Ultimately we all want to see happy landlords and happy tenants. MyRentr is all about finding good tenants and good landlords, linking them and creating transparency and trust in the renting relationship to serve as foundation for a long and happy renting journey. Our vision is to create a world where landlords can easily manage their property from their phones while at work, at home or even on vacation and a world where tenants get rewarded for being good renters.

We have learned a lot over these past few months and we are excited about the multiple features we’ve already launched and those coming soon.
• Virtual Property Inspection (launched already)
• MyRentr Guarantee (launched already)
• CPA compliant Digital Lease Agreement (launched already)
• Tenant Vetting (launched already)
• Property listing and direct viewing bookings
• and much more…

MyRentr (Pty) Ltd is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board of South Africa, our aim is to serve in the real estate industry with respect and integrity at all times.

To follow our journey visit our Facebook page (MyRentr) or follow us on Twitter (@MyRentrSA). We’d love to hear from you.